Farm game for emotional well-being

A clinically tested app to diagnose, prevent, and treat the first stages of depression

Farm game for emotional well-being

A clinically tested app to diagnose, prevent, and treat the first stages of depression
With scientists and psychologists, we've developed an app that grabs the user's attention through gaming mechanics and helps fight depression symptoms in an enjoyable way.

Have you been feeling down and anxious? Looking for help?

The game helps to raise awareness about depression and the actions a person needs to perform in order to prevent the condition.

Game characters describe their obsessions or depressive moods. A player will help them to identify these states and make them feel better.

Reflect on your state

Our team

Alexey Meleshkevich
Founder and CEO
In 2008 created game studio Melesta (Melsoft Games), which was later acquired by Wargaming - one of the largest video game companies in the world.
Previously COO at ActiveCloud - an independent subsidiary of the software holding Softline.
Lead Game Designer
Previously Lead Game Designer at Melesta (My Cafe: Recipes & Stories).
Created the projects that have raised more than $100,000,000 in total
Aleksandr Aleksandrov
Art Lead
Previously Art director at Melesta.
Portfolio of popular mobile games: My Cafe: Recipes & Stories, Tower Defense: Zombie Party, Business dream. Coffee house, Green City, Green City 2.
Mikhail Mironchik
Marketing Lead
Marketing Manager with 9 years of track record in mobile game development (Viaden, Gameloft, Melsoft).
Alexander Lucein
Senior C++ Developer
Related projects: Wargaming
Alexander Kolb
Senior C++ Developer
Related projects: Melesta and OnePoint
Andrei Masilevich
Senior C++ Developer/ System architect
Related projects: TCP-soft
Andrew Sokol
Neuroanatomist with a Ph.D. in medical sciences. Completed scientific internships in Greece, Poland, Japan and Russia, and presented at more than 20 conferences and congresses. Author/co-author of 48 publications.
Oleg Skugarevsky
Professor with a Ph.D. in medical sciences. Member of the Expert Council of the HAC of the Republic of Belarus, specializing in psychiatry. Member of the Belarusian Association of Psychotherapy. Author of more than 150 research papers.
Marat Assanovich
Head of the DMPP at Grodno State Medical University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor, psychotherapist of the highest qualification category. Author of more than 100 scientific papers and four monographs on clinical psychology and psychotherapy.
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